Advancing cleaner, affordable energy

Our Ethos

Collaborative environment where entrepreneurs, academics, investors and industrial labs join to advance cleaner, affordable energy.

Halliburton Labs accelerates the growth of innovative, early-stage companies by providing access to Halliburton's lab facilities, technical expertise and business network.

Halliburton Tech Center Halliburton Tech Center

The Lab

Open environment where early-stage companies can collaborate to solve current and future clean-energy challenges.

Halliburton Labs provides access to world-class facilities, operational expertise, practical mentorship and financing opportunities in a single location to help participants scale their business.

Halliburton Tech Center Halliburton Tech Center

Global Community


Global Community

Committed to the science and continued evolution of sustainable, reliable energy.

Backed by a global network, Halliburton Labs adds unique support to the flourishing innovation community. Accepted applicants will work with Halliburton Labs advisors to advance their products, enhance financing opportunities and prepare for further scale.

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How to Apply

We will begin accepting applications in September 2020.

To be notified when the application process opens as well as for updates on Halliburton Labs news and upcoming events, please complete the below form.

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