Our Commitment

Halliburton Labs provides selected companies with the experience they would expect from a Silicon Valley Accelerator combined with the deep business and technical skills that can only come from a global energy leader.

During your twelve months inside Halliburton Labs, you will be challenged to think big and embrace a growth mindset, and to be customer-obsessed and results-oriented.

Here is what you and your team members can expect:


If your team has not been exposed to customer development, we will show you approaches based upon the latest in design thinking that let customers guide you to areas with the greatest potential for rapid adoption.


You will have access to support resources and capabilities such as testing, logistics, manufacturing, procurement, and materials. Plus, you can access technical resources with proven real-world experience to quickly leapfrog scaling hurdles. We will also help you develop high-quality venture pitches and make relevant industry and investor introductions.


Turn your Halliburton Labs experience into your new competitive advantage. Using our facilities and mentorship, an early participant was able to meet testing requirements and customer inquiries in ways that were impossible before joining Halliburton Labs. The one-of-a-kind experience allows for speed of execution in scaling clean energy companies.

About the Accelerator

We provide access to a unique environment where you can prepare your business for scale and create an engine for sustainable growth. We are passionate about nurturing our participant entrepreneurs and helping them scale their disruptive businesses in a fast, efficient way.

We live by a code of conduct and operating principles that set the foundation for how we fulfill our mission.

Think Big

  • Drive Amazing and Lasting Impact
  • Have a Bold Vision
  • Operate with Sense of Urgency

Be Fearless

  • Be Daring and Courageous
  • Make Challenging Decisions
  • Experiment, Iterate, Fail Fast, Learn, Adapt

Put Customers First

  • Build Trust, Delight, and Listen to the Customer
  • Work Backwards from Customers to Opportunities

Get Results

  • Execute Aggressively to Your Goals
  • Do More with Less
  • Focus on Clear Priorities

The Team

Halliburton Labs is a team with expertise to help guide you through your experience in our program. From our hands-on Leadership Team to our Advisory Board Members, we provide the early-stage companies under our cohorts with the experience, advice, and support needed to advance cleaner, more affordable energy.

Advisory Board